The Ultimate Page of Distractions

On this page is a work in progress of everything I can think of that cheers me up in a crisis. This page is for distraction, joy, laughter, curing restlessness, looking at beauty, soothing, or anything else you can think of. Comment or send me yours!

On Mental Illness:
Ruby Wax, on mental illness, illustrated by Ruby Wax

Joshua Walters – TED talk on Being Crazy

Eleanor Longden – the voices in my head

Elyn Saks – a life with schizophrenia

SuperBetter – the invention of



Two Hamsters, One Wheel (not as gross as the title might suggest to the youtube voyeur)

Hamsterball Cat

The Daily Otter

Maru Cat Divebombs Boxes

Maru and The Box

Simon’s Cat (channel)

Fat Cat vs. Fence

Fat Cat and TV

The Toronto Star’s Daily Beast

House Hippos



Where the Hell is Matt

The Top 1000 Awesome Things

BBC In Pictures


Generally Hilarious

Evgeni Plushenko – Sex Bomb

Hyperbole and a Half Allie’s utterly fantastic pictures and outrageous stories kill me every time. Her post on depression is particularly topical, but everything is great.

Some Victor Borge – a wonderful musician comedian


Generally Eye Entrancing

Fluid Simulator

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