Ardent Marbles?

Ardent Marbles was started to write down, in some public manner, my experiences with mental health disorders. I was diagnosed with two mental disorders in October of 2010, another one in March of 2011, and a fourth in November of 2011.

Before I got sick, I knew basically nothing about mental health or any issue surrounding it. When I told people I knew about going to CAMH or not feeling well, they didn’t know what to say. It made me sad, and frustrated.

The problem with mental health awareness today, I feel, is simply a lack of knowledge. No one knows what it’s actually like day to day, to be sick in the head. Most people I know are baffled to hear that I’m in treatment. I would have made precisely the same statements as my friends and family do until I knew what it felt like.

That’s what I’d like to do here. It’s like any average blog, a compendium of some vaguely interesting scenarios I’ve lived. It’s just that most of them recorded here will have some bearing on my brain and mood. It’s really hard to know what it’s like inside someone’s head, but that’s what needs to be explained, if anyone is to understand what it’s like to have mental illness.

I promise to be ardent (OED: adjective – 1 – very enthusiastic or passionate, 2 – archaic or literary burning, glowing) about losing my marbles (OED: noun – 1 – a hard, crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, 2 – a small ball of coloured glass used as a toy, 3 – informally, one’s mental faculties).

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a doctor. If anything that I say rings a bell, it could be a sign you should be asking some questions and talking to your doctor. I make no claims to know the answers for treatment, diagnosis or your health. I can only write what I know. And if something does NOT ring a bell in what I write, but you still feel stressed out or concerned about your mental health, PLEASE, STILL GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. I’m not the only example of symptoms or situations. Please, talk to your doctor. Talk to your family or someone you trust. You can only feel better by saying it out loud.



An update schedule! I will post between Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings each week. Here goes!

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