About Me

A charming selection of Proust interview type questions that may or may not give you insight into stuff about me.

The natural talent I would like to be gifted with: Infinite attention span

Favourite authors: Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, TS Eliot, Billy Collins, Neal Stephenson, Will Self, Chinua Achebe, Reif Larsen, Helene Hanff, AS Byatt, Jacqueline Carey, Kazuo Ishiguro…you’ve stopped reading now…

(Note: favourite scientists – DARWIN, Darwin, Darwin, and then – well it’s odd to mention them here because they’re still alive and there is a small chance I may actually meet them which would make this mention a bit awkward but I really, really appreciate the work of John Heritage and Michael Tomasello and when the latter showed up on Stephen Fry’s Planet Word I may have jumped up and down…ya…)

Favourite food: Pasta and tomato sauce, with plenty of parmesan. Preferably spaghetti, penne, tortellini or whatever the shells are called in Italian.

Current work: Update – Graduate student, University of Toronto, now part time in :Front of house manager at a theatre (and sports facility booker, administrative assistant, technician, student crew trainer, database manager, and other things that will probably come up. At the same place).

If I could live life over, I would be: A ballerina

What I would never want to do: Business. Selling things.

What drives me insane: Hair on soap, crumbs on tables, tags on clothes

My sport: Rock climbing.

Favourite curse word: Fuck, judging by frequency. You over sauced improprietous vixen whore, is good too, though.

Most boring word: television

My party trick: I can wiggle my nose and ears. And I know all the words to Bad Touch.

What makes me go cutsey: Dogs.

What gets me bristled: Inference and conclusion without evidence. Especially when everyone else just says, oh yay! Theories!

My mind engulfing interest: The evolution of language. Communication in mammals and primates. Statistical cognitive processing and prototype theory. Communication analysis. Conversation analysis. Membership categorization analysis. Familiarity and speech changes in networks. Authority and epistemics. Group behaviours in mammals and primates. Just keep going. All of it. The more I learn the more I want to learn.

The rest: I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. I avoid watching the news because it only makes me feel guiltier and angrier. I like to cook, and I knit. I read, go to yoga, sing soprano in a choir (with the best group and music director I have ever known), and adore the theatre. I am intensely critical, mostly of myself. I am a walking dictionary, and I become irate at grammatical mistakes (“capitalization optional” I can deal with; the incorrect use of punctuation I cannot. Please feel free to correct me if something comes up!). My family is the best in the entire world and we get along exceptionally well. I like smelling rain drenched lilacs in the spring, eating ice cream in winter, tobogganing and not skating or skiing, ad dogs at all times of year. I’m a perfectionist. I like to jump with an umbrella in high wind and enjoy the microseconds of weightlessness before I inevitably settle back down to earth.

1 thought on “About Me

  1. Cathy

    Just read your blog about listening to Peter Katz,and was intrigued. I was introduced to his music this summer and want to learn more about him. Thanks for your contribution to that, and for sharing so much of yourself here. I think we could have an interesting conversation about many of the topics in your mind engulfing interests list!


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