No post this week?

Je m’excuse!! Pendant les jours passé, j’étais au Québec. Bien que je sois si désolé de ne vous donner pas un post, je pense en français au moment, et vous pouvez voir que je n’écrit pas très effectivement – c’est ennuyeux, je sais. Donc, à la semaine prochaine!

(Vraiment désolé, tout de même)


3 thoughts on “No post this week?

  1. Kim

    I feel like I’m reading about myself when I read your blog…..not of late, when you have come off meds. I watched the Brown video some time ago and wondered if “whole hearted” was the key to vulnerability. If so, my heart hasn’t been whole ever….so where do you go from there. Plus, I have such self loathing, why would I open myself up to outside loathing. I would like detailed instructions on how to go about being vulnerable. If I do this, then that will fix that……Thanks for your insight.

    1. ardentmarbles Post author

      I agree – some printed instructions would be nice. If I had some to give you, I would do so!
      Your heart can still be wholesome, though, I think, even if it isn’t whole. Little silver linings are sometimes what make me smile when nothing else works. Have you ever read 1000 Awesome Things? It’s full of those, and it’s always good for a brief uplift in the day.


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