I wonder what normal will be like. Will it be sunny and tropical? Will it be peaches and rosemary?

Do people who have normal think of it as normal? When the highs are up, are they still normal to themselves? And when they are low, do they curse normality for bringing them there? Do people who are normal think of normal as a solace, a comforting reassurance of regularity? Do they thank normal for the averageness of their typical everyday?

Is normal a place, or is it going to be part of me? Will it be an office I inhabit, with a comfortable chair made comfortable by its very normality? Will I visit normal from 9-5? Will there be traffic on the way? Or will normal be a new inner voice, stripped of its teeth, soporific, warm, and smelling of lemons?

Will normal be like Christmas everyday? Will normal be like spring?

Who will I be when I am normal? Who will I be?


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