Questions for Patrick

Today is a question for Patrick, my partner (actually we got engaged last week! EEEE!).

So Patrick, how did you cope when I was having a panic attack or a crisis?

I had to pull myself out of the situation a bit, to try and look at it from a 3rd party perspective, as if I was watching. I had to tell myself, don’t overreact, and give myself reassurance that this wasn’t permanent, it would pass, and it would be okay. I focused on trying to find out what triggered the crisis or panic attack, so I could try to present you a logical reason why it might be okay. I would try to create a safe zone for you, and to encourage you to use your CBT techniques. But you resisted that a lot, you would always say that they don’t work. Once or twice I got you to do intense physical exercise, although you were certain it wouldn’t help. I’ve been tempted to get a bucket of cold water to shock you, but I wasn’t so sure that would go over well.

I also didn’t want to belittle how you felt. I tried to treat your feelings with respect, to treat the attack with respect, but at the same time let you know that even if it feels like it’s a complete crisis, it will be okay.

There was a Stage 2, but…if I tell you the Stage 2 now it won’t work in the future.

What Stage 2? What??? Tell meeeee.

Okay. You have been fine for a long time after all. Well, your crises made me have a sort of internal crisis of my own. And if I couldn’t help you then, well, I’d let you see that I was having a crisis myself, so that you’d worry about me and not worry about yourself. I don’t know if it would work for anyone else, but that’s you, that’s what you’re like. And it worked every time, so…

That scandalous henchman, how dare he! Oh well. I love him. Thanks Patrick!


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