Other me

My disease. My blight, my blindness, my illusions. Whirlwind clouding my sight. My shadow muting my mouth. The voices. The thing that takes over. The predator, the attacks. The music. My inner soundtrack. My muse. Mania. The darkness. The threat. The dragon.

My disorder. Cross to bear, burden, broken, senseless. My wounds. My healing. My monster acting up, the inner child throwing tantrums, a whisper hissing in my brain – the warnings.

My inner self. The backwards thoughts, the twisted mind, the raging feelings, the wallowing loops. A ruminant. Underwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Transforming. Hiding. Leaving.

My senses. Bereft, forgotten, lost, less and less, numb, electrified, electrocuted, burnt, sparkling, radiating, illuminating.

Another me. Psycho, crazy, alien, visitor, unwanted guest, nuts and bolting, silenced and screaming, lunatic, awake, asleep, crumbled, remaining. Blackness. It.

Real me. Conscious me. Fighting me. You – no, me. Present me. Me myself.

Never me alone.


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