I met someone with OCD. We’d already known each other for several weeks. But leaving work, I was talking about how I needed to wash my hands after touching all of the students’ computers, and he said he needed to take a shower, he was OCD. He then proceeded to say, well I used to sometimes have to burn my clothes when I feel like this but I’ve mostly gotten past that now.

Whoomph. First thoughts – Ack! I didn’t mean to sound so crude about desperately wanting to wash my hands!

But he managed it beautifully. ‘Most people know that about me, so it would’ve come up.’

I returned, ‘I guess I should come out about good old Ms. General Anxiety Disorder here, then.’

‘Oh, you too? Isn’t it nuts? Are you on medication?’ – – now that took me by surprise, that he would jump through to asking that so quickly. But I said yes, and we talked about meds and different needs.

But let me underline something: THIS IS AWESOME! SOMEONE WHO TREATS IT NORMALLY AND CAN BE CASUAL ABOUT IT! WHOOOO! I guess the mental health campaigns are really doing something here!

I am so happy. Way to be awesome, co-worker. You rock.


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