Mental health advertising

This is the UK’s Time To Change advert, which at first I thought was horrible and terrifyingly insensitive, but if you watch it through, it’s pretty awesome.

This is one playing in New Zealand, which goes at it with a completely different tack. I must admit I’ll remember the British one longer, but this is very lovely. Thank you to the beautyfrompain blog for this one.

This is our local campaign, in print though, from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. When I first saw these in bus shelters, I basically said, “Oh snap!” (thus showing my age?). I’ve tried to explain to people why these were hilarious and insanely clever, and most of all, edgy, but unless they’ve heard these words, they don’t quite get the humour. They do get the point at least! My favourite is still “I know exactly how you feel”.


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