Night 4 and 5

Night 4 was at my parents’ again. Nothing much to say other than that they are amazing parents. Period.
Night 5 was at home. Patrick called after the evening activities, before he was heading to a night cap. I was so sleepy that I had trouble concentrating. I felt so bad that while I was clingy, I couldn’t concentrate for a phone call.

I dreamt that he became this being, mystically powerful. He invited several people into a world where we would have the wildest adventures. We came to a limbo area where we had an apartment, but every day he would fetch us and we would be transported into a death defying universe of various themes (spy, cowboys and Indians, fantasy, etc). I was over and over playing games of high stakes, trying to swim a message to a faraway place as a frog, or tricking a king into believing everything was fine so he wouldn’t kill us. Four times we went into the other realms. After the fourth, we had to pack our things, and I questioned our host how all this was possible. Are you like this in the real world? Do you have these powers and hide them, or are they only possible here? How did you learn this? What will happen to us?

Apparently, we were dead already. Are we still alive in the real world? He shook his head sadly, no. He said he was experimenting with trying to introduce people to these places without causing death, but the truth was that we had died as soon as we had left the real world. I begged with him to let me stay, even in this terrifying adventures because i had come to love him and wanted desperately to be near him any way I could. Further, I realized, I wanted to stay as alive as I could. I woke up arguing with him. I fell asleep again and again, unable to get out of bed and wake myself enough to move, dreaming of him overseeing other projects where I could not get his attention.

I started dreaming about him cooking three eggs over easy inside two rounds of caramel when I actually woke up enough to stay awake, 2 hours later.

So, starting the day now.


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