Night 3

Stayed at the parentals again. With the Zo-dawg by my side, snoring away. We had breakfast for dinner, and then breakfast for breakfast.

Work was a day of endless non-productivity. I work better when others are around – either their presence keeps me from daydreaming, or the occasional chats are a better break than a quick look at the news or a quick step into the vitamin D world above ground. I’m not sure if I’m more productive around moderate amounts of people or by myself.

It’s funny to have a job where I started doing gig work, and moved into office work. All of us in the office pine for the gig work, while most people on gig work complain of how tired they are. I might be more tired at the end of the day when I’m on my feet, often running, for 12 hours straight, lifting and shifting things, giving and taking instructions, solving glitches and reordering plans. But I practically fall asleep at my desk when it’s paper work.

And now I’m exhausted at 9:30 at night and probably going to go to bed because the idea of spending even MORE time sitting and reading through the journals at my feet is making my eyes droop. I’m crossing fingers for the morning.

At least there isn’t a jackhammer outside my window out here at my parents’. 7am-5pm, jackhammer, downtown. Replacing the sidewalk. I don’t know why.

Another thing that I do better when there are people – eating. I eat more regularly with influence of others. I can far more easily convince myself to ‘get to it in a minute’ when I’m alone, and when I’m at a desk. And eating regularly is essential for my stability.

Pill diary (wow, this is one long post of non sequiturs): to try to cut down on above said sleepiness, which has gotten to the point of taking a nap in place of my lunch break, cutting the Seroquel down to 7mg. I’m trying that for one week, and if it doesn’t work, switching my Buproprion to the morning. Another week or two – if not, then we’ll have to try a different anti-psychotic (thank you, thank you, dear doctor, for being so easy going about experimentation).

So far the downgrade has helped. The lunch naps are no longer required to get me through the day. I do not fall asleep sitting up. But still sleeeeeeeeepy.



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